Gator Give Away

Post-Emergence Promotion Will Give Away a John Deere Gator

Timac Agro USA is pleased to introduce our new 2020 sales campaign focused on the post-emergence stage, with our Fertileader Series. The campaign will give every grower the chance to win a John Deere Gator (model HPX615E).

For every 10 cases (52.8 gallons) of Fertileader purchased, the customer will have his name entered one time into the drawing. So, if a customer buys 50 cases of Fertileader, he will have 5 chances to win. The promotion is valid for any formulation of the Fertileader series for any purchase during 2020.

Talk to your Timac Agro USA sales rep for more information. If you don’t have a sales rep yet, contact us here.

Fertileader Series

The Fertileader Series of products features combinations of highly available nutrients and our patented Seactiv™ Complex. The formulations are designed to provide the plant with a critical nutritional and physiological boost at vegetative and reproductive stages during times of stress. Fertileader products are available in 10 formulas that provide specific nutrient combinations to match a crop’s unique nutritional requirements. Learn more about the Fertileader Series.

Fertileader Series Key Benefits:

  • Foliar nutrition to help solve deficiencies and reduce in-season stress
  • Amino acid chelated nutrients (low molecular weight carriers) which are easily absorbed by the plant
  • Flexible formulations with ideal nutrient packages for vegetative and reproductive stages
  • Formulated with our patented Seactiv™ Complex