The Fertileader series of products are combinations of highly available nutrients and our patented Seactiv™ Complex. The formulations are designed to provide the plant with a critical nutritional and physiological boost at vegetative and reproductive stages during times of stress. The technology is available in several formulas that provide specific nutrient combinations to match a crop’s unique nutritional requirements.

Among Fertileader’s key benefits are:

  • Foliar nutrition to help correct deficiencies and reduce in-season stress
  • Amino acid chelated nutrients (low molecular weight carriers) which are easily absorbed by the plant
  • Flexible formulations with ideal nutrient packages for vegetative and reproductive stages

Research Shows

Field research has consistently shown the positive effects of Fertileader in yield and quality. See some of this evidence below:

Effect of Fertileader on Soybean Yield

Source: Independent grower and contract research across the U.S.

Sponsored trials done in several US states from 2013 to 2017, showed a national average of 6.2 bu/ac increase in soybean yield. Bars in the graph show average yields comparing untreated soybeans to Fertileader treated soybeans.

Effect of Fertileader on Grape Bunch Weight

Source: Timac Agro R&D, Finger Lakes NY, 2018

Fertileader Gold (1 qt/ac, pre-flower) improved fruit set and reduced shot berries, resulting in higher bunch weights. Bars are the average weight of 10 bunches sampled at 3 stages of development.

 Fertileader on Wheat with Excelis Maxx

Source: Timac Agro R&D, Finger Lakes NY, 2020

In this side by side, Fertileader Gold was added to part of a wheat field that had already been fertilized with one of our technologies, Excelis Maxx. Although both sides had a healthy development, the plot with the Fertileader application clearly had a boost on size and number of grains, indicating the power of combining Timac Agro technologies for maximum results.

Flexible formulations with ideal nutrients for vegetative and reproductive stages

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