Seactiv Complex: the power behind Fertileader

There is a great deal of time, thought, and planning that goes into creating a solid nutritional program for our crops. When we consider the importance small amounts of micronutrients play in crop productivity, it’s clear that ensuring micronutrients are readily available and easily assimilated into the plant is essential to maximizing nutrient and crop performance.

Combining a biostimulant will protect micronutrients, support nutrient uptake, and mitigate abiotic stress. These are key factors in maximizing nutrient and crop performance. The Seactiv® Complex is formulated to support these key factors and more.

Seactiv Complex

Seactiv Complex

The patented Seactiv Complex is found on Timac Agro USA’s Fertileader series. Seactiv’s proprietary formulation of amino acid complex makes it a great protector of micronutrients and ensures foliar-applied micronutrients are easily taken into the plant. Of the various chelations utilized in the agricultural industry, it is the amino acid chelation that plants prefer, as the plants will utilize both the micronutrient and the amino acid to increase productivity.

Seactiv is high in the IPA molecule which is derived from plant extract sources. IPA very effectively supports nutrient translocation throughout the plant. This benefit is a key part of driving nutrient demand and increasing uptake, additionally helping plants move nutrients to where they are needed the most as plants transition through various physiological growth stages, especially pollination and early grain/fruit development periods. The net result of these beneficial effects include greater nutrient content, improved size and improved quality of grains and fruits. IPA also supports cytokinin activity in the plant. Cytokinin’s role in photosynthesis is especially amplified by the IPA molecule, which increases available photosynthates or sugars for plants to utilize and produce greater yields with a greater content of sugars (brix) and starches in the harvestable grains and fruits.

One final component found in Fertileader which is especially important in high abiotic stressful growing seasons, is the glycine betaine. The glycine betaine aids the crop in mitigating and managing abiotic stress. Excessive stress induces an over production of the stress hormone called ethylene. As ethylene levels rise in plants, the productivity can and typically does drastically decline. Seactiv complex proprietary technology is formulated to help plants survive and thrive through these difficult growing conditions while maintaining top yield potential.

Fertileader’s plant benefits support nutrient uptake and translocation, increase photosynthate production and mitigate abiotic stress, all leading to improvements in yield, quality, and ultimately the growers’ bottom line.

Fertileader contains the Seactiv Complex

Author: Robert Jarek – Product Manager