Fully committed to plant and animal nutrition for 60 years, TIMAC AGRO is preparing solutions for the agriculture of tomorrow at The Roullier Global Innovation Center.



Our aim is to develop highly technical products to meet the needs of crops and species on every continent – respecting the soil, plants and animals – in order to feed the predicted global population of 10 billion people in 2020.

From American fruits and vegetables to Irish pasture, from Brazilian soybeans to European dairy cattle, the Roullier Group CMI’s researchers and scientists from all over the world spend their days exploring every possible research angle, developing the marine and plant-origin specifics that have set the Roullier Group apart since 1959.

Thus, thanks to the expertise and methods implemented in its experimental greenhouses and laboratories, The Roullier Global Innovation Center is becoming a powerful accelerator of growth in the field of Plant and Animal Nutrition.

Innovation is the main part of our business strategy.

Innovation is also ...