Duo Maxx – an NPK Stabilizer Like no Other

Timac Agro’s Duo Maxx is the world’s first NPK stabilizer with a Microbial Activator. The product is a combination of our patented phenolic binding compound, MPPA, nitrogen stabilizer, and our patented Duo Complex. The formulation ensures maximum below-ground protection against nutrient loss.

Duo Maxx is intended for treatment of incorporated liquid and granular fertilizer blends with N but can also be used on surface-applied P and K. The technology impacts how nutrients interact with both the soil and the plant. Duo Maxx has:

    • MPPA – a large carbon-source/humate that, through our patented activation process, can help “hold” both cations and anions in order to reduce nutrient tie-up and leaching issues in the soil.
    • XCK1750 – a naturally occurring plant extract that works as a microbial activator to improve nutrient uptake for the plant.
    • LCN Complex – NPBT (urease inhibitor) and DCD (nitrification inhibitor) to help combat nitrogen loss.

Documented Research on Duo Maxx Stabilizer

Research done by numerous teams of scientists in various field and laboratory settings has consistently shown the positive effects of Duo Maxx when compared to untreated fertilizer or treated with other products that claim to be similar. See below some of this evidence.

Effect of Duo Maxx on Nitrate Leaching


Duo Maxx Stabilizer Leaching Data

Source: CMI – Roullier R&D, St, Malo, FR, 2017.

Duo Maxx reduced nitrate leaching in soil columns. Data presented are the average nitrate levels of three replicate columns that received 0.6” of simulated rain at each time point. Leachate samples were then collected and analyzed for nitrate.

Effect of Duo Maxx on soluble phosphorus


Duo Maxx Stabilizer Soil Data

Source: University of Navarra, Spain, and Inobos Labs, 1994.

Duo Maxx maintained soluble phosphorus in conditions of aggressive retrograde tie-up (calcareous soil with pH of 7.9). Data presented are the average of 3 soil x fertilizer replicates.

National Average on Corn Yields


Duo Maxx Stabilizer National Corn Average

National Average on all university and contract research: +8 bu/ac


Duo Maxx In-Furrow & 2×2 Liquid Fertilizer Research in Corn


Duo Maxx Stabilizer Research

One of the main features of Duo Maxx is its versatility. It can be applied with different starters in different ways and still achieve great results, giving the grower the flexibility he needs to make the best choices for his crop.


Enhanced nutrient uptake


Duo Maxx Stabilizer Tissue Levels

Source: Timac Agro USA R&D, Florida. Contract trial, 2009

Duo Maxx helps enhance nutrient uptake to generate fuller, more vigorous plants. The graphs above compile the averages of 9 replicate samples of bermudagrass taken over 45 days. Fertilizer was a blend of AMS, UAN, and urea applied at a rate of 1 lb N/1000 ft².

Impressive Results in the Field with Duo Maxx Stabilizer

In addition to the impressive results in the lab, Duo Maxx shows visual results in the field. On several side by side trials, it is possible to see clear differences and appreciate the effects the technology produces on roots and plants.

This season the University of Wisconsin is working on a potato research trial plot where Duo Maxx was added to the nitrogen application. The visual results can be seen on the roots and also on the plant’s vigor.

Similar results were seen on a side by side collected in a field in Pennsylvania. A bigger root system allows for better nutrient uptake, which results in improved canopy development.

On corn, Duo Maxx also shows consistent results, with increased root development. Here’s another impressive side by side that shows the value of this technology.


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