Timac Agro USA has become aware that certain individuals entirely unconnected with Timac Agro have posted fraudulent job postings inviting readers to apply for jobs at Timac Agro in different countries (Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela).

Please be advised that these job postings are fabricated and not posted by Timac Agro. Timac Agro USA is not currently offering American work permits to citizens from abroad. At no time will Timac Agro ask applicants for any money during the recruitment process or ask you to deposit a check and wire money back to us.

We suspect that the fabricated job postings and email phishing schemes may be intended to fraudulently obtain personal information and/or money from unsuspecting job seekers. These postings and emails should be ignored.

For information about roles for which we are actively recruiting, please visit our Job Postings page.


January, 2020