TIMAC AGRO USA provides innovative, high-quality solutions in crop nutrition. Our products are unique in that virtually all contain patented plant and seaweed extract formulas, developed through 60 years of global research and development.

We provide our customers with innovative and reliable products to meet global food challenges. TIMAC AGRO USA employs a strong team of 100 Agronomic Technical Consultants (ATCs) who offer advice and monitoring services to meet the unique needs of our farmers, to improve performance, and maximize outputs.

Headquartered in Reading, Pennsylvania, TIMAC AGRO USA has been helping farmers for over 15 years. Driven by hard work and the support of our parent company, the Roullier Group, we are experiencing exponential growth. Our success stems from the ability to customize our portfolio in response to local agronomic conditions.

At TIMAC AGRO USA, we challenge the status quo. We encourage our customers to Think Different…Farm Better. It’s a standard we help farmers achieve every day.


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From our roots

At TIMAC AGRO USA we understand how important it is to stay connected to, and communicate with, our customers, employees and industry partners. Throughout our history, we have stayed true to our entrepreneurial founders with innovative thinking, synergistic sustainability, and reinvestments that drive progress, growth and successful results. As we continue to grow in the USA, we remember that it is our dedication, our innovation and especially our people that will make a difference.

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Our industrial locations

Our history


Acquisition of Rainbow Plant Food

Timac Agro USA completed the acquisition of Rainbow Plant Food, based in Americus GA.


Industrial investments

The opening of a new liquid facility in Illinois (Circle R). Phase 1 of the dry blending facility improvement project in Reading (PA).


Partnerships and investments

TIMAC AGRO USA partners with Laing Gro, in New York. Sales expand into OH, IN, and MN. Manufacturing begins in the United States for Maxifruit. The company reaches 200 employees. Investment to renovate A&E Ag dry blending facility. First visit of American clients to the CMI, in France. New research partnership with Kansas State University.


Partnerships and new headquarters

TIMAC AGRO USA partners with Circle R Fertilize, in Illinois. New headquarters building in Reading, Pennsylvania. Expansion of sales team training program. Launch of additional water soluble and patented liquid formulas: Fertiactyl ST and Corona K.


Sales and partnerships

Sales expand to Wisconsin and Oklahoma and are reinforced in Florida, with the new Turf & Ornamental Division. New research partnerships with the University of Illinois and Michigan State University.


Partnerships and expansion

TIMAC AGRO USA partners with A&E Ag, in Michigan. Manufacturing of additional patented liquid formulas and fertilizer additives begins in the United States, such as BioSinc, Excelis Maxx and new formulations of the Fertiactyl and Fertileader series.


Business Expansion

Sales expand in the Midwest, Great Lakes and Delta regions. Manufacturing of high-efficiency, patented liquid formulas and fertilizer additives begin in the US. New research partnerships with the University of Missouri, North Dakota State University, University of Arkansas, University of Florida and University of Tennessee.


Creation of the Roullier Global Innovation Center

A strong commitment to an innovation policy that will enhance effective and sustainable agriculture, with the creation of the Global Innovation Center (Centre Mondial de l'Innovation - CMI) within the Roullier Group in Saint-Malo, France.


A fresh start for TIMAC AGRO USA

Under a new executive team, and with the full support of Roullier Group, TIMAC AGRO USA restructures its business strategy. The new Virginia/Carolinas Business Unit is established. Sales expand to the new Midwest Business Unit, including North Dakota, Kansas and Missouri.



After Pennsylvania and New York, sales expand to southern states. Manufacturing begins in the US for KSC, a water-soluble fertilizer.



TIMAC AGRO USA acquires Moyer & Son and leases the fertilizer facility.


Moyer & Son Fertilizer

After five years under the name Reading Bone-Agway, the American site is bought by Moyer & Son Fertilizer.


Creation of TIMAC

Daniel Roullier created the Industrial Transformation of the Maerl in Calcium Amendment (TIMAC), whose main activity was focused on soil improvers - the first facility for grinding maerl, whose distinct qualities make it the best enrichment agent for acidic soils. TIMAC AGRO is the founding company of the Roullier Group.


Reading Bone Fertilizer

Reading Bone Fertilizer could be purchased in Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey and all New England states.


Construction of the plant

On March 8th, Reading Bone Fertilizer Company was incorporated for manufacturing and selling fertilizer. Construction of the plant was completed in the fall of 1905.

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Our team



Prior to his current role at TIMAC AGRO USA, Daniel worked as Timac's Business Unit Director for the Carolinas and Virginia Business Unit, where he developed a successful record as a strong leader and motivational sales manager. He has 16 years of agricultural and animal science experience, and holds a Bachelor of Animal Science Degree from North Carolina State University, along with an Associate Degree in Science from Wake Technical Community College.



Prior to joining TIMAC AGRO USA, Jake was a member of Moyer & Son Fertilizer's management team. In his continued capacity, Jake has served as Operations Manager and National Industrial Director, overseeing the design and building of our new headquarters and biostimulant plant. In 2017, he accepted the role of Chief Operating Officer, to support the growth of TIMAC AGRO USA, while managing the production in all biostimulant, liquid and dry production plants throughout the country.



Prior to becoming CEO of TIMAC AGRO USA in 2014, Alex worked with ABB Group, a global technology company, as their worldwide financial controller. In 2002, he joined the Roullier Group in TIMAC AGRO's financial department. Through several promotions, Alex served for six years as Daniel Roullier’s financial controller. Alex attended Business School in Paris, France.

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