Roullier Group: Enabling Earth and Mankind to Produce the Best

Involved in plant and animal nutrition for 60 years, the Roullier Group draws upon its industrial and agronomic expertise, its unique sales force and a sustained innovation policy to meet the specific needs of its subsidiaries around the world. The R&D effort was reinforced by the opening of the Roullier Global Innovation Center in 2016, where teams of researchers develop the solutions and products of the future.

The Roullier Group, which now has around 8,000 employees, has retained its financial independence while maintaining an ambitious development policy.

The reputation and strength of the Roullier Group are built on common founding values, which are Entrepreneurial Spirit, Performance and Innovation.

In addition to an ambitious recruitment policy, the Roullier Group integrates each of their employees individually: from a personalized on-boarding pathway to in-field and theory training, the Group supports its employees and helps them grow.

  • Soil conditioners
  • Granular fertilizers
  • Water soluble fertilizers
  • Root/foliar patented technologies
  • Liquid fertilizers
  • Fertilizer additives
  • Seed treatments
  • Feed phosphates
  • Industrial magnesium
  • Agricultural magnesium
Products and solutions for industry
  • Calcium carbonate
  • Industrial packaging
Food Industry
  • Pastries
Solutions sold in
20 000
farmers visited each day
8 000
2.6 B
euros in revenue