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An Update to Our Community About Covid-19

  Dear Timac Agro USA members and customers, The health and well-being of our employees,... View Article


Dear Timac Agro USA members and customers,

The health and well-being of our employees, customers, and communities are the main priorities for Timac Agro USA. With the increasing concerns about the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in several states where we operate, we want to assure you that we are monitoring the situation closely to guarantee the safety of our teams, partners and clients.

We are working diligently to keep our locations open to deliver products throughout the busy Spring season and our team remains available to serve our customers.

Following the guidance of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), we are taking several preventive measures, such as:

  • The suspension of all air travel among employees, as well as other unnecessary business travels;
  • We ask employees to stay home in case they are not feeling well to attend to work. We take care of our members and offer sick pay to our whole team nationwide.
  • We increased cleaning and disinfecting procedures in our offices, retail facilities and industrial plants.

We will continue to follow protocols and guidance from the CDC and other health agencies. We will communicate our community as the situation evolves and in case further actions need to be taken.

We appreciate your business and patience and look forward to continuing to serve you.




Alexandre Goullier




Gator Give Away

Gator Give Away Post-Emergence Promotion Will Give Away a John Deere Gator Timac Agro USA... View Article

Gator Give Away

Post-Emergence Promotion Will Give Away a John Deere Gator

Timac Agro USA is pleased to introduce our new 2020 sales campaign focused on the post-emergence stage, with our Fertileader Series. The campaign will give every grower the chance to win a John Deere Gator.

For every 10 cases (52.8 gallons) of Fertileader purchased, the customer will have his name entered one time into the drawing. So, if a customer buys 50 cases of Fertileader, he will have 5 chances to win. The promotion is valid for any formulation of the Fertileader series for any purchase during 2020.

Talk to your Timac Agro USA sales rep for more information. If you don’t have a sales rep yet, contact us here.

Fertileader Series

The Fertileader Series of products features combinations of highly available nutrients and our patented Seactiv™ Complex. The formulations are designed to provide the plant with a critical nutritional and physiological boost at vegetative and reproductive stages during times of stress. Fertileader products are available in 10 formulas that provide specific nutrient combinations to match a crop’s unique nutritional requirements. Learn more about the Fertileader Series.

Fertileader Series Key Benefits:

  • Foliar nutrition to help solve deficiencies and reduce in-season stress
  • Amino acid chelated nutrients (low molecular weight carriers) which are easily absorbed by the plant
  • Flexible formulations with ideal nutrient packages for vegetative and reproductive stages
  • Formulated with our patented Seactiv™ Complex

Organic Market Keeps Growing Strong

The US organic market grew by 6.3% in 2018, surpassing the 50-billion-dollar mark. The organic... View Article

The US organic market grew by 6.3% in 2018, surpassing the 50-billion-dollar mark. The organic market is largely driven by consumer demand pushing for transparency and integrity in the food supply chain.  Reaching this level means it is no longer a niche market, it is considered mainstream, and companies will need to adapt to and comply with standards that the customer demands.

Still, the stalwart of the organic industry, sales of organic fruits and vegetables rose to $17.4 billion in 2018 for a 5.6 percent rate of growth, on par with the growth attained in 2017. By comparison, the overall fruits and vegetable category, including both organic and conventional products, grew by just 1.7 percent in 2018.

Fruits and vegetables now account for 36.3 percent of all organic food sales. Organic fruits and vegetable make up close to 15 percent (14.6 percent) of all the produce sold in the U.S. and have nearly doubled their market share in the last ten years.

Produce is a gateway to organic for consumers, especially Millennials and those with young families. Industry experts note that the more people learn about health and wellness, the more people buy fresh produce.

Production is following the demand

With the growing customer demand and the more products to support organic farmers, there is now 4 million acres of organic farmland in the USA, that is up 6% over 2014. While it may not be shocking that hotbeds of consumer demand for organic food such as California and New York are among the leading states in the total acreage of organic farmland—with 688,000 acres, California is No. 1—Montana, Wisconsin, and North Dakota rounding out the top five is something of a surprise. Montana’s 30 percent increase of 100,000 acres of organic acreage since 2014 bumps it into the No. 2 spot, while North Dakota’s increase of more than 40,000 acres pushes it past Oregon, which now ranks sixth. Colorado and Texas round out the top eight.

See Timac Agro USA full organic product line

Check out the results we deliver


Sources: Organic Trade Association and USDA


Timac Agro USA Welcomes Timac Agro Argentina Sales Team

In June, Timac Agro USA welcomed Timac Agro Argentina’s colleagues on a visit to the... View Article

In June, Timac Agro USA welcomed Timac Agro Argentina’s colleagues on a visit to the USA. Their top sales reps and managers came to our country to learn and share experiences about soybeans and citrus productions.

The meeting took place in Florida, where our National Product Manager for Row Crops, Dr. John D. Bailey, spoke of the effects of our full product line on soybeans, including BioSinc, Fertiactyl ST/GZ, and Fertileader products.

@TimacAgroArg Gracias por la visita!


Timac Agro USA Products are Now Listed on the Tank Mix Calculator App

Our products are now listed on the Tank Mix Calculator App. On it, the farmer... View Article

Our products are now listed on the Tank Mix Calculator App. On it, the farmer can pull spray recipe blends by inputting various details and choosing inputs from a list of products (in alphabetical order). Once finished, the app lists all the totals needed, plus breaks down into batches, depending on the volume of the sprayer.

Very accessible and convenient for the farmers!


TIMAC AGRO USA launches new OMRI listed organic product line

We are pleased to announce Timac Agro USA’s new Organic product line! Fertiactyl Organic, Physioflore... View Article

We are pleased to announce Timac Agro USA’s new Organic product line! Fertiactyl Organic, Physioflore and Nutribalance PK5 and P15 are all OMRI listed. These technologies use a combination of nutrients and ingredients specifically designed to produce optimum results in yields and plant quality in organic crops.

Fertiactyl Organic is a patented liquid formula that produces the same critical early boost as our well-known Fertiactyl line. Among its key benefits are flexible application method and tank mixing compatibility; seaweed extracts and nutrients that help with seed germination and plant stress management; and activated humic and fulvic acids that mobilize nutrients and condition soil.

Both Physioflore and Nutribalance P15 and PK5 are granular fertilizers. Among its key benefits are calcimer in its compositions, which provides labile calcium and helps improve soil structure and feeds the crop. The products also deliver key available nutrients and have the patented Pheoflore Complex, that stimulates soil microbes and increases soil health to improve nutrient availability.

We are looking forward to helping organic growers to Think Different…Farm Better.


TIMAC AGRO USA Launches Reformulated and Enhanced Inoculant Formula

BioSinc® is an inoculant designed to maximize nodulation, create stronger emergence, and improve yield Timac... View Article

BioSinc® is an inoculant designed to maximize nodulation, create stronger emergence, and improve yield

Timac Agro USA announces its 2019 formulation changes to its flagship inoculant product BioSinc®.

BioSinc products couple Timac Agro’s patented GZA Complex with specific species of nitrogen fixing bacteria. It is designed as a seed treatment and soil amendment combination that maximizes nodulation, improves emergence, and reduces plant stress. BioSinc is available in a liquid, a granulated peat or a high-adhesion peat.

Timac Agro USA has made changes to its BioSinc products to specifically address the needs of soybean, pea, lentil, and chickpea growers. The high-adhesion peat formulations are now designed to have less dust, lighter color, and higher flowability. The granulated peat package sizes have changed in both bag and tote sizes to increase customer convenience and efficiency. Granular peat products also have new use rates and bacteria load. The liquid inoculant seed treatment is now a 2-part product that consists of rhizobia in a bag and the GZA Complex in a bottle. The liquid seed treatment formula has a new concentrated bacterium count and a shelf life of two years.

“At Timac Agro USA we focus our efforts on high-quality, high-performing products with special attention to customer convenience and ease. We prioritize flexibility and optimization in order to meet individual grower needs,” said Alexander Duffy, National Product Manager of Timac Agro USA. “Being able to partner with our customers to innovate and develop solutions that work best for them is how Timac continues to differentiate ourselves and help our growers achieve success.”

The key new features to consider are the high bacteria load, the GZA complex, and flexible application. The high bacteria load results in improved root nodulation that increases nitrogen fixation. The GZA complex is a soil amendment that helps with establishment and reduces plant stress. The flexible applications on seed, planter box, or in-furrow allows the grower application convenience. The new formulation it is better positioned to meet the unique needs of legume crops in various farming operations.

Timac Agro USA provides innovative, high-quality solutions in crop nutrition. Timac Agro products are unique in that virtually all contain patented plant and seaweed extract formulas. Their patented formulas are derived from nearly 60 years of global research and development in plant extract technology. By enriching selected extracts with macro- and micronutrients, Timac Agro creates formulations that meet the ever-changing needs of crops. Better yield and quality benefit growers with improved emergence, vegetative growth, and reproductive performance. A subsidiary of the Groupe Roullier, the company is headquartered outside Reading, Pa., with manufacturing facilities in New York, Michigan, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. For more information, visit www.us.timacagro.com.


Timac Agro USA Receives EPA Approval for Tank Mixing with Dicamba and 2,4-D Herbicides

Nutrients for plant stress, root development and foliar growth can now be easily combined with... View Article

Nutrients for plant stress, root development and foliar growth can now be easily combined with the new formulations without concerns for increased drift.

Timac Agro USA announces it has received EPA approval for tank mixing several foliar products with the new dicamba and 2,4-D herbicides. The process was initiated 2 years ago with Corteva (Enlist®), Bayer Crop Science (Xtendimax®), and BASF (Engenia®). The approved products are currently being added to the various tank mix websites.

It is possible that the addition of nutritionals could increase the probability of the off-target herbicide movement with dicamba or 2,4-D. To address this concern, the EPA established criteria and testing standards for the evaluation of potential tank mix partners to ensure that added products will not increase the incidence of off-target herbicide movement. Timac Agro USA recognized the need to continue to supply growers with the foliar products, should they choose to implement the newer herbicide systems on their farms.

“As the agricultural industry changes, we are fully committed to identifying emerging challenges and addressing them head-on. This approach ensures that we continue to meet our customers’ needs as they adapt their farming operations to these changes,” said Dr. John D. Bailey, National Product Manager of Timac Agro USA. “Our goal with these new dicamba and 2,4-D systems is to continue to provide access to our crop nutritional innovations, regardless of the herbicide program that farmers choose to use. The EPA approvals for Timac products are a good example of how we help our customers be more successful in their farming businesses. As they navigate through their challenges, we hope to help them secure their crops against yield loss, which secures their farms for future generations. It’s our most critical endeavor.”

Timac Agro USA products that have received EPA approval for tank mixing with the specific dicamba and 2,4-D formulations are illustrated in the table below:


Timac Agro products are unique in that they all contain patented marine plant extract formulas coupled with highly-available nutrients. Their precision formulas are derived from 60 years of globally recognized R&D that drives the supply of innovative nutritionals to farmers all over the world. Their unique approach has proven to meet the ever-changing needs of every crop grown in every kind of environment. Through improved crop emergence, vegetative growth, and reproductive performance, Timac’s products help to prevent yield and quality loss, which directly protects farm profitability. A subsidiary of the Groupe Roullier, Timac Agro USA’s manufacturing headquarters is located outside Reading, PA, with additional facilities in New York, Michigan, and Illinois. For more information, visit www.us.timacagro.com.