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NutriRhize is a potassium-rich composite fertilizer with calcium, magnesium, and sulfur (0-0-35-4Ca-6Mg-3.2S), and the addition of the patented MBA Complex, that is proven to stimulate mycorrhizal fungi and other soil microbes. It can be used as sole potassium (K) source or blended with other granular fertilizers.

What is Mycorrhizae and Why Does it Matter?

Mycorrhizae or Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF, for short) is the name of the positive relationship between root and fungi. This is one of the most prevalent symbiotic relationships.

Mycorrhizal fungi are proven to improve nutrient availability and uptake, especially for non-mobile nutrients like phosphorus (P) and zinc (Zn).


Mycorrhizal fungi on a corn root (Roullier Group R&D, 2016)


MBA Complex – the Patented Technology Behind NutriRhize

The MBA Complex, which is the technological specificity in NutriRhize, stands for Mycorrhizae Bio-Activator. The technology stimulates native mycorrhizae in the soil, forming a network between plant – root – mycorrhizae – soil – nutrients. This connection increases the reach of roots beyond the rhizosphere and soil micropores level, promoting access to water and nutrients.

The Mycorrhizae Bio-Activator (MBA) Complex within NutriRhize contains a very specific plant extract that functions as a trigger to help induce stronger and faster root-AMF associations. This follows the idea of many other of our products that contain “food for native species in the rhizosphere” like the Rhizovit Complex in Excelis Maxx, part of the Fertiactyl Complex, and the technology within Duo Maxx. The difference between NutriRhize and the rest of these is how the technology is packaged – as a potassium-rich granular, homogenous fertilizer.

The main function of the MBA Complex is to increase the root absorption area somewhere between 100 and 1000 times. A good example would be if there was a fence around your house and the only resources (water and food) you could use were within a 1-mile circle. For some people, those who live in a resource-rich environment (lots of food and plenty of water) this is not a problem. However, most of us would prefer the ability to set our boundaries further out where, even if we still have a fence that makes a 100-mile circle around us, we have a better chance to secure the groceries and water we need. That’s the primary “mode of action” of the AMF – the root gaining additional surface area from the AMF where it can locate and bring the plant roots needed nutrients and water.

In a corn study, MBA Complex has been proven to induce increased sporulation (reproductive ability) by 2.6 times over an 8-week time period (MycAgro Lab, 2015). In a similar wheat study, the MBA complex increased the frequency and length of mycorrhizal roots by 63.2% and 78.4%, respectively (MycAgro Lab, 2015).


NutriRhize Is Now Made in the USA

NutriRhize GA As of July 2022, NutriRhize is manufactured in the USA, in Timac Agro’s granulation plant, located in Americus, GA.

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