Building Seed Treatment Plans for the 2023 Season >>

As growers start putting together plans for the next season, one of the first decisions to be made is about seed treatments. Beyond fungicide and insecticide treatments, crops can benefit from biostimulants and inoculants applied to the seeds.

Timac Agro USA offers two options of seed treatments, both enhanced with our patented GZA technology, also found in our Fertiactyl series. Learn more about our seed treatment options below:



Including a soybean inoculant to a program can improve nitrogen fixation and get plants a better chance to thrive from the start. Rhizobia bacteria has been used for many years as a tool to improve nitrogen fixation. Adding a Rhizobia inoculant to the crop may result in increased nitrogen fixation, improved plant health and soil productivity.

Timac Agro provides the next generation of seed inoculants. BioSinc Soybeans differentiates from other commercial inoculants because it couples an elite strain of Bradyrhizobia japonicum with Timac Agro’s patented GZA technology. By improving root nodulation, BioSinc increases nitrogen fixation, starting this process up to 2 weeks earlier in the growing season. Other key benefits of this technology are stronger emergence and greater tolerance to stress.

Cumulative Soybean Yield

National average results of a 2 oz/cwt application of BioSinc, when compared to standard inoculant used by growers.

Key Benefits of BioSinc Soybeans

  • Improve root nodulation to increase nitrogen fixation.
  • Induce root nodulation up to two weeks earlier in the growing season, extending the nitrogen fixation period.
  • Develops a high-yield plant stand by supporting root development, enhancing plant architecture (branch initiation), and increasing nutrient uptake/efficiency.
  • Flexible application window, viability up to 90 days on seed.
  • Highly concentrated inoculant with a minimum of 10 billion viable colony-forming units per milliliter (1×1010 cfu/mL)
  • Low viscosity to reduce bridging or clumping
  • Compatible with most fungicides, insecticides, and nutritional treatments


Fertiactyl ST

A seed treatment that seeks to stimulate germination and uniform emergence, and improve root growth. Fertiactyl ST pairs Zinc and the patented GZA technology for stronger emergence and greater tolerance to stress.

Key Benefits from Fertiactyl ST

  • Formulated with Zinc to aid in germination and stand establishment
  • Flexible application on all seed types
  • Compatible with most fungicide and insecticide treatments
  • Formulated with the patented GZA Complex

A Fertiactyl ST application has shown a yield increase of 2 bu/ac on winter wheat. When combined with other Timac Agro patented technologies in a full program, it can reach even better results of up to +23 bu/ac.


Contact your local Timac Agro sales rep to learn more about our seed treatment options.