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Winter is here! While in many states fields are covered in snow, in southern regions it is not too late to stay productive in soil health improvement. As soils face cold, wet conditions, now is the perfect time to cozy up to techniques that foster soil health. Soil microbes share a similar need to most living organisms in how they must be nurtured and fed to thrive. In the face of challenging weather conditions, Timac Agro USA is committed to supporting farmers in reaching their full potential all year round.

Why Invest in Soil Health During the Winter

Enhancing soil health creates a means for building the life and structure of a field. Soils are dynamic bodies that are formed through the effects of climate, parent materials, and landscapes over time. The naturally-occurring microbes form communities throughout soils to act as a catalyst for greater nutrient exchange, compaction, and quality. Effective methods of soil building come in different forms including cover cropping, mulching, and composting (PSU Extension). Applying supportive practices to uplift the beneficial bacteria already found in the soil has profound effects on the long-term benefits. What the farmer puts in his fields, he will almost certainly get out of them for nearly every season moving forward.

Additionally, crops share in the farmer’s enthusiasm for a vigorous outcome and reach out to the expanding microbial network with fine root hairs and chemical exudates. In supporting soil microbial activity, incoming crops will in turn strengthen their existing symbiotic relationship with various bacteria. Soil biomes deliver solid foundations for the crops to grow upon. Therefore, biological nitrogen fixation is only second to photosynthesis as one of the most important biological reactions for life.

Your Toolbox for Biological Enrichment

Alternatively, growers often rely on crop insurance to mitigate the unpredictable financial costs that surface from season to season; however, other tools such as biotechnologies provide innovative solutions to protect plants from excessive climatic damage. Bioactivants are one of the most productive prevention technologies on the market, and Timac Agro USA guides growers through every season with multi-tiered advantages in soil health improvement. Promising results from a variety of research studies by Timac Agro USA illustrate the universal benefits that can come from using a patented biotechnology. For example, “nutrient availability is crucial to the eventual quality and quantity of crops that are beneficial to both livestock and human health” (Science Direct). Farmers now have access to a choice selection of technologies that are well tailored to fit the needs of most soil types and cropping systems.

One of the most efficient, cost-effective agricultural technologies lies in the biological support of an existing soil microbiome. Unlike previous generations, growers can get ahead of unforeseen, uncontrollable impacts on their crops by using biotechnology to increase their chances of obtaining higher yields. If those fields have stayed on the “nice” list this year, give them the abundant gift of soil health and nitrogen stability to enjoy throughout the next.

Overall, yield loss prevention extends beyond an expensive crop insurance plan. Biostimulants equip farmers with multi-layered assistance in the face of unpredictable weather conditions. Timac Agro USA paves the way for growers by making the most out of their field investments. Despite the frigid weather, it is possible to advance soil health to ensure the ultimate success of any farming operation.


Amber Cassell Author:

Amber Cassell

Regional Product Manager