At TIMAC AGRO USA we understand how important it is to stay connected to, and communicate with, our customers, employees and industry partners. Throughout our history we have stayed true to our entrepreneurial founders with innovative thinking, synergistic sustainability and reinvestments that drive progress, growth and successful results. As we continue to grow in the USA, we remember that it is our dedication, our innovation and especially our people that will make a difference.


For those of you who are new to TIMAC AGRO, we are a proud subsidiary of the world-renowned Groupe Roullier. Our USA headquarters is based in Reading, Pennsylvania and we have manufacturing facilities in New York, Michigan, Illinois and Pennsylvania. Through our regional and nationwide dealer networks, our passionate team of agronomic experts inspires growers to realize maximum yield and high-quality results from our innovative product line, most of which is produced in the USA. We deliver a service model that maximizes the relationship between our customers and field representatives, so together we can find the right solutions. The entrepreneurial spirit of our founder, Daniel Roullier, is evident in every customized crop consultation.


Our core business is fertilization. TIMAC AGRO USA and the Groupe Roullier are at the forefront of innovation for our market segment with more than 60 patented formulations. We believe the best ideas are generated in the field, developed in our world-renowned R&D center, and rigorously tested with the support of our highly-valued 15 American university partners.  The result is improved ROI for the growers using our products in every aspect of crop nutrition.

The synergy of tried-and-true farming practices coupled with cutting-edge innovation is a powerful remedy for challenges facing every producer in today’s agricultural industry. While the success of our existing products grows, our research and development team is ambitiously tackling the problems of tomorrow. We proudly share our trial and research studies, which you can review by clicking here.


We encourage passionate, innovative people that are committed to helping growers find solutions, innovate and maximize their investments to join TIMAC AGRO USA. Our operations have grown from serving 7 states to 27, from North Dakota to Florida, in the past five years. TIMAC AGRO USA’s aggressive growth plan is enabling us to share our unique, patented portfolio with an ever-expanding satisfied customer base, together with whom we Think Different…Farm Better!