Nutrients for plant stress, root development and foliar growth can now be easily combined with the new formulations without concerns for increased drift.

Timac Agro USA announces it has received EPA approval for tank mixing several foliar products with the new dicamba and 2,4-D herbicides. The process was initiated 2 years ago with Corteva (Enlist®), Bayer Crop Science (Xtendimax®), and BASF (Engenia®). The approved products are currently being added to the various tank mix websites.

It is possible that the addition of nutritionals could increase the probability of the off-target herbicide movement with dicamba or 2,4-D. To address this concern, the EPA established criteria and testing standards for the evaluation of potential tank mix partners to ensure that added products will not increase the incidence of off-target herbicide movement. Timac Agro USA recognized the need to continue to supply growers with the foliar products, should they choose to implement the newer herbicide systems on their farms.

“As the agricultural industry changes, we are fully committed to identifying emerging challenges and addressing them head-on. This approach ensures that we continue to meet our customers’ needs as they adapt their farming operations to these changes,” said Dr. John D. Bailey, National Product Manager of Timac Agro USA. “Our goal with these new dicamba and 2,4-D systems is to continue to provide access to our crop nutritional innovations, regardless of the herbicide program that farmers choose to use. The EPA approvals for Timac products are a good example of how we help our customers be more successful in their farming businesses. As they navigate through their challenges, we hope to help them secure their crops against yield loss, which secures their farms for future generations. It’s our most critical endeavor.”

Timac Agro USA products that have received EPA approval for tank mixing with the specific dicamba and 2,4-D formulations are illustrated in the table below:


Timac Agro products are unique in that they all contain patented marine plant extract formulas coupled with highly-available nutrients. Their precision formulas are derived from 60 years of globally recognized R&D that drives the supply of innovative nutritionals to farmers all over the world. Their unique approach has proven to meet the ever-changing needs of every crop grown in every kind of environment. Through improved crop emergence, vegetative growth, and reproductive performance, Timac’s products help to prevent yield and quality loss, which directly protects farm profitability. A subsidiary of the Groupe Roullier, Timac Agro USA’s manufacturing headquarters is located outside Reading, PA, with additional facilities in New York, Michigan, and Illinois. For more information, visit www.us.timacagro.com.