TIMAC AGRO USA Launches Reformulated and Enhanced Inoculant Formula

TIMAC AGRO USA Launches Reformulated and Enhanced Inoculant Formula

BioSinc® is an inoculant designed to maximize nodulation, create stronger emergence, and improve yield

BioSinc Inoculant

BioSinc products couple Timac Agro’s patented GZA Complex with specific species of nitrogen fixing bacteria. It is designed as a seed treatment and soil amendment combination that maximizes nodulation, improves emergence, and reduces plant stress. BioSinc is available in a liquid, a granulated peat or a high-adhesion peat.

Timac Agro USA has made changes to its BioSinc products to specifically address the needs of soybean, pea, lentil, and chickpea growers. The high-adhesion peat formulations are now designed to have less dust, lighter color, and higher flowability. The granulated peat package sizes have changed in both bag and tote sizes to increase customer convenience and efficiency. Granular peat products also have new use rates and bacteria load. The liquid inoculant seed treatment is now a 2-part product that consists of rhizobia in a bag and the GZA Complex in a bottle. The liquid seed treatment formula has a new concentrated bacterium count and a shelf life of two years.

“At Timac Agro USA we focus our efforts on high-quality, high-performing products with special attention to customer convenience and ease. We prioritize flexibility and optimization in order to meet individual grower needs,” said Alexander Duffy, National Product Manager of Timac Agro USA. “Being able to partner with our customers to innovate and develop solutions that work best for them is how Timac continues to differentiate ourselves and help our growers achieve success.”

Key Features of BioSinc Inoculant

The key new features to consider are the high bacteria load, the GZA complex, and flexible application. The high bacteria load results in improved root nodulation that increases nitrogen fixation. The GZA complex is a soil amendment that helps with establishment and reduces plant stress. The flexible applications on seed, planter box, or in-furrow allows the grower application convenience. The new formulation it is better positioned to meet the unique needs of legume crops in various farming operations.

About Timac Agro USA

Timac Agro USA provides innovative, high-quality solutions in crop nutrition. Timac Agro products are unique in that virtually all contain patented plant and seaweed extract formulas. Their patented formulas are derived from nearly 60 years of global research and development in plant extract technology. By enriching selected extracts with macro- and micronutrients, Timac Agro creates formulations that meet the ever-changing needs of crops. Better yield and quality benefit growers with improved emergence, vegetative growth, and reproductive performance. A subsidiary of the Groupe Roullier, the company is headquartered outside Reading, Pa., with manufacturing facilities in New York, Michigan, Illinois, and Pennsylvania. For more information, visit www.us.timacagro.com.