We are pleased to announce Timac Agro USA’s new Organic product line! Fertiactyl Organic, Physioflore and Nutribalance PK5 and P15 are all OMRI listed. These technologies use a combination of nutrients and ingredients specifically designed to produce optimum results in yields and plant quality in organic crops.

Fertiactyl Organic is a patented liquid formula that produces the same critical early boost as our well-known Fertiactyl line. Among its key benefits are flexible application method and tank mixing compatibility; seaweed extracts and nutrients that help with seed germination and plant stress management; and activated humic and fulvic acids that mobilize nutrients and condition soil.

Both Physioflore and Nutribalance P15 and PK5 are granular fertilizers. Among its key benefits are calcimer in its compositions, which provides labile calcium and helps improve soil structure and feeds the crop. The products also deliver key available nutrients and have the patented Pheoflore Complex, that stimulates soil microbes and increases soil health to improve nutrient availability.

We are looking forward to helping organic growers to Think Different…Farm Better.