Timac Agro USA Adds Two New Products to the Tima-line

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Timac Agro USA Adds Two New Products to the Tima-line

Timac Agro USA expanded its specialty liquid fertilizer range with two new formulations: TimaUp and TiMn.

The Tima-line was officially launched with TimaCal in 2018, and the success in apples, peaches and vegetables lead our development team to extend the offering. All products are designed with plant extract technology researched by our Center for Research and Development.  The plant extract and nutrition was developed to increase nutrient use efficiency and improve yield. The formulations were designed for their compatibility, flexibility of use and efficacy on a broad range of crops.

National Product Manager Alexander Duffy explains: “At Timac Agro we are dedicated to providing the best solution for improved nutrient uptake, reducing in yield limiting nutrients and maximizing yield. The two new products will round out our offering and allow for broader solutions into the row crop markets. The micronutrient packages were developed by looking at all our soil and tissue tests and listening to our customer needs. We look forward to continuing to build our technology into solutions designed to support our growers.”

TiMn is a proprietary liquid Nitrogen, Sulfur and Manganese formulation, designed from an acidified, nonvolatile form of urea-sulfate-nitrogen and the patented Adur® Complex. Mn is critical to the photosynthetic pathway and can be tied up by glyphosate. The Adur Complex is a precision plant extract that reduces plant stress and aides in plant establishment.

TimaUp is designed to “Team-Up” with any tank mix and was formulated for combability, flexibility and use across many crops. It provides Zn, B, Mn, S, Cu, Mo and the patented IPA plant extract to help ensure increased nutrient use efficiency and maximize yield potential.

TimaCal, the original Tima-line product, is formulated with the Adur® Complex, which is comprised of precision plant extracts and Calcium. This product aids the production of fruits and vegetables and provides a solution for Calcium deficiencies. The TimaCal formulation contains 10.7% Calcium.

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