Fertigation with KSC: High-Performance Production 

Timac Agro offers a range of KSC water-soluble technologies with macro and micronutrients capable of benefitting plants in all stages of production.

Agricultural crops face many challenges on their way to producing both a high yield and high-quality crop. While it is easier to just focus on managing the nutrient demands at different growth stages, there are many factors that play a role in obtaining the right crop nutrition balance. In addition to the above-ground growth and environment, healthy soil dynamics play a huge role in a crop’s success.

Characteristics of the soil rhizosphere such as pH, soil structure, electrical conductivity and salt content can positively or negatively impact the ability of the crop to obtain the necessary nutrition. We often resort to targeted nutrition application based on the physiological phase that the crop is in. However, we can improve on the overall productivity if we know and work at addressing the other factors such as water quality, plant uptake and soil make-up. By addressing these issues as well as targeting the correct nutritional management demanded by the crop, we create a more balanced and efficient approach to successful crop nutrition.

KSC Nutrient Uptake Graphs

Water-soluble fertilizers, commonly used in fertigation are composed of highly dissociable simple salts which in solution split into corresponding cations and anions. These generate a specific increase in EC (electrical conductivity), a fundamental measure for the correct management of fertigation according to which the greater the quantity of ions found in the nutrient solution, the greater the electricity conducted by that nutrient solution (increase in EC). Typically speaking, more water-soluble fertilizer melted into solution means higher ECs.

An increase in the osmotic pressure when fertilizer is added to the solution is generated leading to challenges for water-nutrient absorption for the root system of the crop. Based on this premise, Timac Agro has formulated our KSC® range – a line of water-soluble fertilizers with very high solubility, low salt content and technology to help increase water-nutrient absorption within the rhizosphere.

KSC® is powered by our patented Phytactyl technology which guarantees maximum efficiency and a reduced impact on the soil typical of standard water-soluble fertilizers. Phytactyl complexes the mineral salts (nutrients) within the formula, leaving the pH value of the soil and the EC of the water-fertilizer solution unchanged. This leads to a higher availability and uptake of the nutritional elements for the plant.

KSC EC Graphs

Even in soil conditions characterized by high salinity and/or pH, the Phytactyl technology works to:

  • improve nutrient absorption
  • increase the plant’s efficient use of water
  • balance the distribution of nutrients between fruits and leaves

From the very early stages, the products in the KSC range help

  • overcome the post-transplant establishment
  • increase healthy vegetative development
  • improve flowering/fruit set and fruit fill

These outcomes are obtained by the Phytactyl technology’s impact on maintaining absorbent root hairs and improving the chemistry of the soil rhizosphere.

KSC Formulations Available

KSC Formulations




This post is based on an original article from Timac Agro Italy.