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Timaline micronutrient

TimaLine – the Micronutrient Toolbox for Row Crops


Micronutrients have been a growing product category for row crops in the past few years, driven by rising commodity prices and a better understanding and placement of micronutrients following the 4Rs. High prices for commodity fertilizers also present an opportunity in this market. Utilizing micronutrients as tools to optimize these other inputs is going to be key to pushing yields while using less standard N, P and K. “More of our customers are recognizing that yield limiters can be present that are not necessarily the typical macro-nutrients that are applied”, explains Alex Duffy, Timac Agro USA National Product Manager.

The main challenge in the field for these technologies is proper placement. “These solutions can have mixed results based on many factors, soil/tissue and even sap testing can help identify if these are needed and where placement will give the growers the best ROI. This will likely be a farm-to-farm decision. Opportunities come for a better understanding of how these micronutrients can help a plant and as placement gets better, the ROIs from using them will only increase.”, adds Duffy.

Timac Agro’s TimaLine is comprised of several formulations to target specific micronutrients needs. Learn more about each formulation below:


TimaUp is designed to “Team-Up” with any tank mix and is formulated with essential micronutrients and our IPA technology. TimaUp provides a well-rounded micronutrient package targeted to solve common deficiencies seen in tissue tests. The micronutrient package provides Zn, B, Mn, S, Cu, Mo to help the uptake of macro and micronutrients from the soil, increase nitrogen use efficiency and ensure plants have what is needed to achieve maximum yield.

  • 0-0-0 2.6S 0.5B 0.1Cu 1.5Mn 0.1Mo 3.1Zn formulation
  • Foliar feed critical micronutrients
  • Enhances uptake of NPK and other nutrients from the soil
  • Enhances nitrogen use efficiency
  • Increase available Energy(sugars) for productivity and yield
  • Helps to achieve top ROI on fertilizer investment




TiMn is a proprietary liquid nitrogen and micronutrient formulation designed from an acidified, nonvolatile form of urea-sulfate-nitrogen and our patented Adur® Complex. TiMn contains 6.75% sulfuric acid equivalency, enhancing nutrient efficiency in adverse soil and water conditions. This product has a low, measured pH without releasing the acidifying energy of the contained hydrogen molecules. This effect, under many circumstances, reduces the phytotoxicity typically experienced with low pH products and helps avoid other negative interactions which can occur with typical acidifiers.

  • 7-0-0 5S 5Mn formula
  • Low pH formula to condition spray tank
  • Formulated with the patented Adur® Complex to support root growth and plant development
  • Formulated to apply w/ Glyphosate or Glufosinate
  • Supply Mn to prevent tie up, yellow flash, after herbicide application
  • Support Mn translocation and absorption




*New for 2022

TiZn is a nitrogen, sulfur, and zinc liquid, formulated with our patented Adur® Complex. TiZn supports early season plant growth, improves plant vigor especially during cool early growing conditions, and aids in plant uptake of other macro and micronutrients found in soils. The use of TiZn supports improved nutrient use efficiency and crop performance. Designed to blend into starter fertilizer or be tank-mixed with early-season post herbicide application, TiZn sets the stage for your crops to achieve top yields.

  • 7-2-2 4.5S 5Zn formula
  • Formulated with our Adur® Complex to improve nutrient uptake and absorption
  • Supplies 5% zinc coupled with nitrogen and sulfur demanded by your crop
  • Starter Fertilizer and Herbicide Tank Mix compatible, alternative to EDTA Zinc
  • The formulation contains water conditioning and acidification components to support product performance
  • Formulated to be an EDTA Zinc replacement
  • Zinc + Adur® support a strong auxin effect for stand establishment and plant development



TimaCal is formulated with the Adur® Complex, which is comprised of precision plant extracts, calcium, humic and fulvic acids. This product provides a solution for calcium deficiencies.

Maximize Calcium uptake for:

  • improved plant cell structure
  • nutrient translocation
  • plant and grain development
  • combat environmentally driven calcium deficiencies and abiotic stress
  • 0-0-0 10.7Ca formula
  • Formulated with our patented Adur® Complex


Contact a Timac Agro sales rep to discuss which formulation is the best fit for your crop’s needs.