The Benefits of Adding a Nitrogen Stabilizer to Side-Dress UAN Application >>

The decision to split-apply nitrogen will depend heavily on soil type because some soils have a higher risk of N loss. In the case of high clay soils or fine-textured sandy soils, a side-dress UAN application at V6 will help corn to have N available at its most crucial development stages. But even though the application is at a closer stage of nutrient need, the use of a nitrogen stabilizer still can have a high impact on N availability from V8 to grain fill.

Excelis Maxx protects nitrogen from all three pathways of loss and stimulates symbiotic microbes in the rhizosphere. In a series of contract research trials with UAN applications, Excelis Maxx averaged 20.7 bu/ac in reduced yield loss when compared to untreated fertilizer.

The Value of a Nitrogen Stabilizer

The use of nitrogen stabilizers is a key component to slowing environmentally driven nitrogen loss. Excelis Maxx, by Timac Agro USA, combines three modes of action for improved nitrogen use efficiency. Our technology combines a stabilizer (NBPT and DCD), with soil microbial activators, that increase plant productivity and nitrogen utilization. This ensures more of your nitrogen gets into the plant, in turn, leading to significant yield gains, improving your bottom line.

Nitrogen Stabilizer Excelis Maxx Features

  • The LCN Inhibitor Complex
    • NBPT –urease inhibitor to control nitrogen loss due to volatilization
    • DCD –nitrification inhibitor to reduce risk of leaching and denitrification
    • Phenolic Extract -reduces oxidation of NBPT which improves its longevity
  • Rhizovit® Complex – soil microbial activator