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There is a lot at stake for bean growers this year. With the combination of high fertilizer costs and soybeans reaching close to the maximum prices of the last decade, growers have a lot to gain and/or a lot to lose.

This scenario opens possibilities to introduce technologies which can benefit plant growth and development, as well as aid with seasonal stress. Timac Agro’s patented liquid formula, Fertileader®, has shown consistent results in soybean yield growth, due to its effects on mid- to late-season applications. More than 50 national trials showed an average increase of 6.2 bu/ac.

Cumulative Grower Trial Soybean Yields (50+ trials)

Fertileader Avg. Soybean Yield Increase


Some formulations with specific nutrient combinations stand out in the soybean trials, such as:

Fertileader Gold


See the latest research outcomes from this technology:

Fertileader Gold table

About Fertileader®

The Fertileader® series is a group of combinations of highly available nutrients and the patented Seactiv® Complex. The formulations are designed to provide the plant with a critical nutritional and physiological boost at vegetative and reproductive stages during times of stress. These are available in several formulas that provide specific nutrient combinations designed to match a crop’s unique nutritional requirements.


Key Benefits

  • Foliar nutrition to help solve deficiencies and reduce in-season stress
  • Amino acid chelated nutrients (low molecular weight carriers) which are easily absorbed by the plant
  • Flexible formulations with ideal nutrient packages for vegetative and reproductive stages
  • Formulated with the patented Seactiv® Complex



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